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    Amazing 6 Facts about Dkaa El Marrakchia Music

    Dkaa El Marrakchia Music Dkaa El Marrakchia is a popular folk music distinct to Morocco, especially Marrakech. The members of the group have different social statuses. These include shopkeepers, artists and artisans,.etc. The Dakka is performed by male musicians and involves much drumming while maintaining a striking rhythm with hands. The sound is produced when […] More

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    Top12 questions You Need To know Before Visiting Morocco (Open list) (0 submissions)

    Check Out These Top 12 questions Before Visiting Morocco. It is essential to have critical questions before Visiting Morocco answered. 1. What trips do travel agencies in Morocco arrange for tourists? Travel agencies organize private and personalized tours for tourists from around the globe. They hold each trip on an individualized level and as a […] More

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    Moroccan Cuisine: Top most Amazing 7 facts

    Moroccan cuisine means Fresh Moroccan food. Moroccan food is exceptionally healthy and balanced. Morocco is located in the Mediterranean region. Therefore they have a Mediterranean diet. It is a predominant and significant part of Moroccan main dish or meal. This diet has been found to extend longevity and health promotion based on UNESCO’s research. Moroccan […] More

  • Moroccan Legacy | Discover learn and find about Morocco

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    Agadir Morocco: Top 4 Incredible facts (Open list) (0 submissions)

    Agadir The city of Agadir is located in the mid-south of the country and is situated along Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast. It is around 3 hours from Marrakesh, the region’s capital, Souss Massa Draa. Agadir is an attractive seaside city that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is known for its incredible beaches and […] More

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    Moroccan Mosques: Top 3 Mosques With Amazing Artistic Designs

    Moroccan Mosques: Art of Mosques Morocco is a Muslim country, and mosques are some of the entire buildings in the country. They are in every city, town, and community. There are hundreds of mosques throughout the country, and they are aesthetically gratifying. These mosques are all designed based on Islamic architecture artwork. Most mosques in […] More

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    Moroccan Embroidery: Top 4 Incredible Moroccan Amazing Embroidery Designs

    Moroccan Embroidery According to historians, Moroccan hand embroidery originated from the Berber culture as the tattoo styles, and henna designs of the Berber women’s tattoo are well reflected in Moroccan Embroidery today. Handmade Embroidery is one of the artworks Moroccan women proudly make. It is a distinctive form of handcrafted art. Handmade Embroidery is a […] More

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    Moroccan Damasquinerie: The 1 Amazing Artistic Technique Used by Moroccan Artisans

    Damasquinerie Damascening is an artisanal technique which consists of enchasing gold, silver or copper wire on a metal surface, generally out of steel, to create an ornamental pattern. The outcome of this incrustation is called a damasquinure. This technique, preferred in Morocco, is only practiced in Meknes. It is used to decorate stirrups and swords […] More

  • Moroccan Legacy | Discover learn and find about Morocco

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    Moroccan Architecture: The 1 Amazing Artwork Representing Moroccan Heritage.

    Moroccan Architecture: Infrastructure and Buildings You will be mesmerized by all kinds of artwork while exploring this historic country. When you visit Morocco, you will not leave empty-handed without a memorable souvenir. There are so many irresistible souvenirs from Moroccan artists that will surely amaze you. Modern buildings have sneaked in and formed part of […] More

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