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Traditional Doors

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You will be amazed at what some of the ancient doors in Morocco are hiding behind them. They are indeed a gateway to another world that will get you in touch with Morocco’s rich history.

Ancient Door Designs

These doors date back to centuries and have some of the amazing characteristics:

  • They are designed with Moorish style motifs.
  • They are carved handpainted Moroccan wooden doors.
  • They are decorated with “hamsa” door knockers or palm-shaped.
  • They are made with a variety of hues, such as canary yellow and Majorelle blue.
  • They are decorated with camel bone, metal, and resin. This is to give it more of an exotic look.
  • They are made with either cedarwood or redwood with some of the ancient knockers.

In Morocco, you will encounter some of the decorative Moroccan doors that are antiques, whereas others are a reproduction. Some of the amazing artisans are all made by implementing a considerable amount of precision. This high precision gives these amazingly made doors a very authentic look to keep their originality. They truly represent a historical artwork and the legacy of the ancestors.
Some of the exquisite antique doors in Morocco are mostly found in: 

  • Hotels
  • Ancient palaces
  • Mosques, Domes

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Moroccan Legacy | Discover learn and find about Morocco

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Moroccan Legacy | Discover learn and find about Morocco

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