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Moroccan Damasquinerie: The 1 Amazing Artistic Technique Used by Moroccan Artisans

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Moroccan Legacy | Damasquinerie

Damascening is an artisanal technique which consists of enchasing gold, silver or copper wire on a metal surface, generally out of steel, to create an ornamental pattern.
The outcome of this incrustation is called a damasquinure.

This technique, preferred in Morocco, is only practiced in Meknes. It is used to decorate stirrups and swords and embellish plates, vases and jewelry.
Meknes is among the last cities worldwide where some rare Master-craftsmen (maalems) still practice this occupation.

Damasquinerie is an artistic technique that originated in Damascus, Syria, and master artisans followed. They engrave on steel and iron the motif. The grooves of these engravings are then filled with silver, gold, and sometimes copper wires.

This artwork gives engraved items distinctive decorations and creates a decorative pattern. An inlay, the final result of this process, is called a damascene, primarily used in medieval art thousands of years ago.

Meknes is well known for Damasquinerie, and they use it to decorate objects/artifacts such as:

  • Plates, vases, jewelry vases.
  • Some types of weapons of geometric design
  • Spurs, sabre guards, stirrups.

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